Shed of the Year Nominee

Nominated September 28th 2010.  A 12×20 Reeds Ferry Cedar Grand Victorian has been nominated Shed of The Year by the Academy of Shed Arts & Construction Science. The attractive shed (below) is the first nominee announced in 2010 for the coveted award.

The Academy nominates sheds based upon uniqueness of design, quality of construction, and symmetry with the environment.  At the nomination press conference the Academy noted the Grand Victorian’s ability to seamlessly meld with the backdrop, resulting in an overall improvement of the setting.

Reeds Ferry – Shed of The Year Nominee

The Academy of Shed Arts & Construction Science was formed about a month ago by The Shed Ferry as a means of showing pretty pictures of Reeds Ferry Sheds. Current Academy membership stands at one, but the membership-committee has set a goal to double that number over the next 12 months.

The Shed of The Year will be awarded in January at the Academy’s annual banquet held at the Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus MA. Attendees are urged to make arrangements as soon as possible as seating may be limited depending on which booth we are assigned.  –The Shed Ferry


About Reeds Ferry Sheds

Reeds Ferry Sheds builds and installs high quality storage sheds. Reeds showroom is located north of Boston near the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border. Visit Reeds Ferry Sheds online, take a shed tour, use our shed-selector tool, see photos, and review our price-list. For more information, and showroom directions, call Reeds Ferry Sheds at 888-85-SHEDS (857-4337)
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