Reeds Ferry Sheds Says Blizzard, Schmizzard

Reeds Ferry installed 5 sheds today. It wasn’t a picnic, but our customers were waiting and we delivered. This morning on Channel-5 Harvey Leonard advised everyone to stay inside and toast marshmallows, but like all TV weathermen Harvey tends to make reports of snow sound a bit like the Mayan Prophecy of Dec 21st. Understood! A blizzard is a serious thing, and for a weatherman it’s their Super Bowl. But for our installers, working in the cold and flurries before the blizzard was simply another day at the office.

Reeds Ferry Sheds -Blizzard of 2013

Reeds Ferry Installers: Dustin, Josh, Rich, Jimmy, Steve, and Matt

Frankly we wouldn’t chance working in this weather if we didn’t have quality people working with us. The conditions required extra care and caution on both the build and the road to and from, but our teams have the experience it takes to do the job right. They are like the rugged men of the Yukon, able to track a grizzly bear through the sub-zero blinding snow of the Rocky Mountains and trap it with nothing more than a bowie knife and a ball of twine… Then go home to an X-Box and a Bud. 🙂

All 5 sheds were successfully installed. Our customer will be able to blow tomorrow and put the blower in its new home tomorrow night. All our crews are now back in the barn safe and sound. We’ll ride out the storm, toast a marshmallow, and get right back at it bright and early Monday. Till then, we wish you and yours a warm safe Blizzard of 2013. -The Shed Ferry


About Reeds Ferry Sheds

Reeds Ferry Sheds builds and installs high quality storage sheds. Reeds showroom is located north of Boston near the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border. Visit Reeds Ferry Sheds online, take a shed tour, use our shed-selector tool, see photos, and review our price-list. For more information, and showroom directions, call Reeds Ferry Sheds at 888-85-SHEDS (857-4337)
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