Win a Reeds Ferry Shed at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Billerica. The Drawing is June 15th

The best thing about Girl Scout cookies is not only are you helping out the Scouts, you also get to eat a box of Thin Mints… Helping a good cause while you simultaneously benefit is nice; it’s a win-win. Here’s another one; how about a spot where you could buy building materials that you had to buy anyway, but all the proceeds from your purchase went to help a less fortunate family build their own home?  Yup; there’s such a place; it describes the “ReStore” in Billerica MA operated by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell.

What is a “ReStore”?  The one in Billerica feels like the old Grossmans Bargain Outlet. Grossmans sold surplus building materials at a reduced price. Similarly the Habitat’s ReStore gets surplus or slightly damaged building materials from area retailers like Home Depot and Lowes and sells them at a bargain price to the general public. The difference is all the items in the ReStore are donated by the retailer and the money from the sale goes directly to help area families who are sponsored by Habitat for Humanity.

If you have a big home improvement project you likely could save a few bucks by checking out the items on sale at the Restore. The store is located at 257 Boston Road in Billerica, just up the street from Market Basket. They started with just building materials, but you’ll also find appliances, home goods, furniture, and sheds… Sheds?!!!

Reeds Ferry Sheds donated a new 8×12 Victorian Cottage Shed to the store. You’ll see it right by the front door as you walk in. Unlike most of the other items donated, our shed is NOT surplus or damaged, it’s brand spanking new and perfect in every way. The Habitat for Humanity folks are raffling it off at $10 a ticket. We might suggest that while you’re there buying 17 pallets of roof-shingles for just pennies on the dollar you throw in an extra $10. You’ll have a chance at winning a $5,000 shed and help out Habitat for Humanity at the same time. Merely a suggestion

Reeds Ferry Sheds and Habitat for Humanity of Lowell

Tim Carleton, Co-Owner of Reeds Ferry Sheds; Dan Bush, Dir of Development -Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell; Laurie K. Blanchette, Controller -Reeds Ferry Sheds, Inc. in front of the donated Reeds Ferry Shed at the H4H ReStore in Billerica. (No shovels were harmed in the making of this picture. In fact no shovels were even used)

If you believe “charity begins at home” then you can’t top the work of Habitat for Humanity of Lowell. Over the last few decades they’ve built numerous homes for financially limited families in the Lowell area. (Picture Jimmy Carter with a hammer; same outfit)  The family receiving the home is required to invest “sweat equity” during the building project and pay a mortgage afterwards, but the home or mortgage wouldn’t have been possible without the financial and volunteer support of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat believes strong, safe, healthy communities begin with people that have a stake in them, and that increasing home ownership improves the entire community. Makes sense.

If you’re interested in learning more about Habitat for Humanity of Lowell click here. Or if you’re looking to browse for real bargains on building materials and other items for your home check out the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Billerica.  When you stop in to the ReStore please take a look at the Reeds Ferry Shed and consider laying down a crazy $10 bet; the shed raffle drawing is Saturday June 15th. Call Reeds Ferry at 888-857-4337 for more information.  -The Shed Ferry


About Reeds Ferry Sheds

Reeds Ferry Sheds builds and installs high quality storage sheds. Reeds showroom is located north of Boston near the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border. Visit Reeds Ferry Sheds online, take a shed tour, use our shed-selector tool, see photos, and review our price-list. For more information, and showroom directions, call Reeds Ferry Sheds at 888-85-SHEDS (857-4337)
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