3D Shed Builder -Reeds Ferry Sheds

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to sit on your couch and order a shed using the Reeds Ferry 3D Shed Design Tool.

PERMUTATIONS: Our 3D Design Tool offers over 70-million shed combinations. That seems impossible, but in math it’s called “the multiple of permutations”. A permutation is a rearrangement of things where each “thing” is used once in combination with every other thing. When you consider the number of styles, sizes, colors, sidings, and all the different options, it equals millions of possible variations. Luckily there’s a formula used to compute the total, otherwise we’d be counting to the year 2042. 😉

SECURITY: Have you ever visited a website where you can order their product online, but you don’t order because you’re afraid your credit-card info might end up with a guy name Sergei working in his basement in Belarus? We have too, so we invest in Amazon credit-card services and ensured our transactions take place on a https server verified by a VeriSign security certificate, a service of Symantec. When you order a Reeds Ferry Shed online we treat your information like a government secret. (Whoops! Change that to “better” than a government secret! wink)

SIMPLICITY: We have a confession. You can’t use the 3D Tool to order a shed with every possible custom option. This was intentional. We wanted a tool that made it extremely easy to purchase a shed without confusion and with our most typical configurations, because “typical” is typically what people want. Still, you can customize your selection further when we call and confirm your order by phone, and of course when you visit our showroom we will build the shed version of the Taj Mahal if that’s what you’d like. You might say our showroom is the “total menu” and the online tool is the menu for our drive-thru window.

CONFIRMATION: All orders receive an immediate confirmation email and confirmation number, but when a customer puts $2K or more on a credit-card they require a “personal confirmation”; therefore every online order receives a call within 24 business hours to ensure we have the details correct and to make arrangements for delivery.

Thanks for joining us for “tool talk”, and thank you for considering Reeds Ferry for your shed purchase.


About Reeds Ferry Sheds

Reeds Ferry Sheds builds and installs high quality storage sheds. Reeds showroom is located north of Boston near the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border. Visit Reeds Ferry Sheds online, take a shed tour, use our shed-selector tool, see photos, and review our price-list. For more information, and showroom directions, call Reeds Ferry Sheds at 888-85-SHEDS (857-4337)
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