Reeds Ferry Shed of the Year -2015


The Tavares Family of Rehoboth MA

Congratulations to James and Melissa Tavares of Rehoboth MA, owners of the Reeds Ferry 2015 Shed of the Year, (shown above). The Tavares family finished with over 1,800 votes, 48% of the total.

It was a 2 horse race, with first runner-ups Bill and Brenda Pepicelli of Burlington MA. (below)  A very close photo finish. The Pepicelli family finished with more than 1,600 votes, over 42% of the total. The Tavares and Pepicelli photos took turns in top position with six “lead changes” during the polling period. Either would be worthy winners, it was simply a matter of when the clock stopped.


The Pepicelli Family of Burlington MA

The Tavares Family takes the $500 top-prize. The 4 other finalist will receive Celtics tickets, dinner certificates, ski passes and other halfway decent consolation prizes.

We thank all 5 finalist for joining in the fun!  The “committee” felt all 5 were of high quality and each could’ve been the winner without question, but the voters seemed to notice the Tavares and Pepicelli sheds had that “something extra”. For example, the Tavares picture had live chickens in the yard!  There’s an old saying in photo contests: “It’s hard to beat pecking chickens“…And the Pepicelli shed had live flames jumping from their fire-pit, very cool… Pictures that have “something extra” tend to do well; we only hope that next year’s winner doesn’t up the ante by setting chickens on fire. (wink)

Close to 4,000 votes in all!  Reeds Ferry Sheds would like to thank all our friends and customers for stopping in to vote. The people have spoken! We wish you a safe and prosperous 2016. Happy New Year to one and all!