Reeds Ferry Invades England

Reeds Ferry Sheds is now officially represented across the pond. A British customer recently put one of our sheds in a crate and had it shipped to his home at Frinton-on-Sea in Essex County England.  (Fittingly he chose our “American Classic” style.)

Below is a photo of his new Reeds Ferry Shed in his backyard. You can tell it was really taken in England because the sky is dark gray 😉  But also the surrounding architecture gives you a clue it’s Old England rather than New England.  (You just don’t see a lot of multiple angled hip-roofs with mini castle turrets in Peabody Mass.)

Reeds Ferry in England

Reeds Ferry Shed -Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, England

Folks in England absolutely love sheds. Even people who have no room for one-have one. So why would an Englishman need to order a shed from the Colonies? Our customer explained that he liked the look and construction of ours better than the ones available in the motherland. He may have a point.

To be quite frank the sheds found in England tend to be somewhat “shabby chic”. (See below).  Many look like they were built using spare kindling wood. You can almost imagine if a piece of wood falls off a dump truck in England their first thought would be “let’s nail it to the shed”.  This is not an insult!  After all, Reeds Ferry sheds have far less charm because we actually build ours using all the necessary pieces 😉  In fact we may join the Brits and come out with our own “English” style. You’ll be allowed to paint it clashing colours and nail random things to it!  Perhaps here in the States it’s a style that won’t fly, but like our favorite Englishman Winston Churchill once said, “A kite rises highest against the wind -not with it.”   –The Shed Ferry


Small Potting Shed -Grantham England

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Jimmy Fund Teams With Reeds Ferry Sheds

From July 28 through September 7, customers at Burger King and Valvoline Instant Oil Change can help fight pediatric cancer by contributing $1 to the Jimmy Fund through the “Chance for Kids” program. With each $1 contribution customers receive a scratch card guaranteed to be a winner. Grand prizes include a new Reeds Ferry® Storage Shed, an all-inclusive trip from TNT Vacations, free airfare from American Airlines, theme park tickets, and a number of other prizes. Again, EVERY card is a winner; ( at a minimum a free burger at Burger King or a discount on your oil change at Valvoline.)

If you scratch a ticket and see “Reeds Ferry” you’ll win a $5,000 Victorian Cottage Shed from Reeds. We hope you’ll agree that a chance at winning a quality Reeds Ferry Shed while supporting the Jimmy Fund at the same time is a great $1 investment.

Reeds Ferry Sheds -Jimmy Fund

All proceeds from your $1 donation go directly to the Jimmy Fund to benefit pediatric cancer care and research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The scratch cards are available at Burger King restaurants in six New England states and throughout New York and New Jersey, and at participating Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Now in its 14th year, the Chance for Kids & Families program has raised more than $11.6 million to fund pediatric cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. The innovative research benefits children diagnosed with cancer in not only in New England, but patients from around the world as well. 

About the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber
The Jimmy Fund ( solely supports Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care and research to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world.  The Jimmy Fund is the official charity of the Boston Red Sox, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, the Pan-Mass Challenge, and the Variety Children’s Charity of New England. Since 1948, the generosity of millions of people has helped the Jimmy Fund save countless lives and reduce the burden of cancer for patients and families worldwide. Follow the Jimmy Fund on Facebook: and on Twitter: @TheJimmyFund.
About Reeds Ferry Sheds®
Reeds Ferry was established in 1960 by the late Hobart D. Carleton. the company has over 55 years of manufacturing experience. Hobart’s son Harry Carleton is the current President of Reeds Ferry and the third generation of the Carleton family operates the business today. Reeds Ferry builds and installs high quality backyard storage sheds and other various types of small buildings, as well as gazebos. Along with their participation in fundraising for Dana-Farber, Reeds Ferry supports Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell, the Salvation Army Food Bank, and Make A Wish foundation of New Hampshire. Follow Reeds Ferry Sheds® on Facebook: and on Twitter: @ReedsFerry.
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Reeds Ferry 2014 Shed of the Year

Armaganian family of Concord NH, Reeds Ferry 2014 Shed of the Year Winner.

Armaganian family of Concord NH, Reeds Ferry 2014 Shed of the Year Winner.

Congratulations to Mark and Nicole Armaganian of Concord New Hampshire. The Armaganian’s are winners of the Reeds Ferry 2014 Shed of the Year contest with 1,289 votes, 46% of those cast.  Their beautiful cabana won a close battle with Dom and Sara Lococo of North Reading who finished 2nd with 34% of the vote.


1st Runner-up in the Reeds Ferry Shed of the Year Contest -Dom and Sara Lococo of North Reading MA

1st Runner-up in the Reeds Ferry Shed of the Year Contest -Dom and Sara Lococo of North Reading MA

The worst thing about a poll is that we have to call any of the other nominees “non-winners”.  Everyone might be happier if we subscribed to the “youth soccer model” and we awarded championship trophies to all, but like Al Gore once said, “Democracy is a tough game”.  (Actually he said a bunch of other stuff, but we can’t print it here.)


The final voting results are below. $500 is awarded to the Armaganian family. All the other finalist receive prizes. Consolation prizes include Bruins and Celtics tickets, dinner to Cafe Escadrille, water park tickets at Great Wolf Lodge, etc… Also, if for any reason the Armaganian’s are unable to fulfill the duties of their crown the Lococo family as First Runners-up would be asked to take on the responsibility thru the upcoming calendar year. Thank you to everyone who voted and THANK YOU to the participants for their show of sportsmanship and for entering the Reeds Ferry Shed of the Year Contest.


2014 Reeds Ferry SHED OF THE YEAR VOTING RESULTSHere is the final poll result.


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Santa Avoids Cotton-Headed Ninnymuggins. Hires Reeds Ferry

Look for Santa Claus this year in his Reeds Ferry Cabin at Fanuel Hall in Boston and at the Garden City Shopping Center in Cranston Rhode Island.  We’re honored again this year to be the official builder all of Santa’s outdoor cabins. Reeds Ferry partners with the Noerr Group (Santa’s Talent Agency). We provide Noerr a warm building at outdoor shopping centers so Santa can hunker down with the kids to review their Christmas wish-list.

gcc 333

The Noerr Group takes care of Santa at hundreds of shopping centers across the USA. It’s a huge job. When we first went to work for Santa our big question was how he can be in all these locations at the same time? Now that we’re inside Santa’s circle we’ve figured out his secret. Santa and Noerr hire Santa look-a-likes to fill-in for him! Essentially he’s the world’s fattest, jolliest franchise!  Before assigning the fill-ins to shopping malls Noerr requires each Santa surrogate to attend their Santa University to learn all his mannerisms. For example, they learn to always say, “Ho-Ho-Ho” when they don’t have the answer to a question. Take a look at the video BELOW to see all the Santa’s in training.

It’s coming down to crunch-time. The tree at Faneuil Hall was lit last week and Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived at Garden City last weekend. Santa Claus (or a like facsimile) will be at all the Noerr shopping locations now through Christmas. Bring the kids and create a Christmas family photo with old Saint Nick.  ( Garden City just posted their Santa schedule; see it here. )  When you stop-in be sure to compliment Santa on his Reeds Ferry cabin and ask for one under your tree… He’ll pause, give you a look of panic and then say, Ho-Ho-Ho  😉

Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us at Reeds Ferry Sheds.

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Make-A-Wish Calls on Reeds Ferry

Aybel and his family live in Goffstown NH.  Make-A-Wish of New Hampshire came to us and said Aybel wished for a “fort” and “playhouse” in his backyard. Reeds Ferry was so happy to fill his wish. Our only wish is we could do more…  Thank you Aybel.
Make A Wish Letter


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2014 Massachusetts Tax Holiday

Reeds Ferry Sheds factory-showroom is located just over the Mass border in tax-free New Hampshire. So why do we promote tax savings during the Massachusetts Tax Holiday if we are in the “no tax” state of New Hampshire?  The reason is Massachusetts law requires all out-of-state businesses to charge Mass sales tax if they “knowingly sell a product to a Massachusetts resident”. And of course for us to install a shed for a customer living in Massachusetts we are aware of the buyers place of residence, so we are required to charge the Massachusetts tax.

The word “knowingly” is the key. If you live in Massachusetts and go to Sears in Nashua to buy a TV, if you put the TV in your car Sears will not charge the sales tax. But if the Sears store delivers the TV to your Massachusetts address they’d be required to charge the Massachusetts sales tax because they know where you live. Crazy!

Crazier still, if you live in Massachusetts and put the TV in your car you’re supposed to voluntarily declare the purchase on your state return and pay the sales tax on your own! Of course no one ever does this and Massachusetts ignores it, but they DO make great effort to penalize New Hampshire businesses that don’t collect the sales tax on Massachusetts deliveries.  Perhaps the only way to avoid the tax is to strap our shed on the roof of your car and drive it home…

But rather than ruining the roof of your car, a better way to avoid the Massachusetts sales tax is to shop during the Tax Holiday. This year the Tax-Holiday is the weekend of August 16th and 17th. (You can order your shed before the weekend and we execute the actual purchase on the 16th-17th )  Purchases made by Mass residents totaling $2,500 or less aren’t subject to the Massachusetts 6.25% sales tax. And for larger sheds priced above the $2,500 limit Reeds Ferry will reduce the price by $156.25, (which is the maximum 6.25% tax savings on the $2,500 cap). There are additional saving during the Tax Holiday as well. Please ask your Reeds Ferry sales rep.

Frankly Reeds Ferry would prefer to operate like the Sears in Nashua and charge no sales tax to any Massachusetts customer. We’d trust that all our Massachusetts customers would follow the “honor system” and report the purchase on their own. (wink)  But the Massachusetts Department of Revenue has proven they know how to audit and collect sales tax from New Hampshire businesses that don’t adhere to their tax code. Nothing in life is more certain than death and taxes… and in Massachusetts you might have a better chance of beating “death”…  😉   -Reeds Ferry Sheds®

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Reeds Ferry Sheds New Offices

The goal is to build a higher quality shed, but we also want to provide a better buying experience. So to increase “customer comfort” we expanded our showroom and created more room to sit down and go over your shed design with our staff.  Check out the new offices in the video below.

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