Reeds Ferry Sheds on This Old House

Reeds Ferry Sheds® is a participating contractor on the television show This Old House. The PBS Network TV series first went on-the-air in 1979 and today it remains the most watched and respected home improvement program on national television.

In Season 37 of This Old House, Host Kevin O’Connor and the programs long-time General Contractor Tom Silva work with Reeds Ferry to create an outdoor living space for a home in Arlington Massachusetts. Homeowner Emily Deldon wanted an enclosed space for a yoga studio. Emily and her husband Nick determined a custom Reeds Ferry Shed was the perfect solution. Watch the video below.  In it Kevin O’Connor meets with Reeds Ferry Project Foreman Rich James who managed the one-day build. After the pre-assembled walls and roof go up Tom Silva inspects the quality of construction.

Renovation of the Deldon’s century-old Arts & Crafts style home built in 1909 is the focus of 16 episodes. Reeds Ferry’s goal was to match the craftsmanship and look and of the work taking place on the house. The end-result is a 14×20 studio-shed with cedar shingle siding, 15-lite French doors, and an extended portico supported on columns. All of these features mimic the style of the Deldon’s house and achieved the goal of a matched building pair. The studio-shed has a finished interior with climate-control, plenty of open floor space, plus added space in the loft above the portico, (which we learned is perfect spot for storing yoga mats:). Below is a photo of the finished studio-shed.


Below left, Kevin and Tom pose with the cast and crew of Reeds Ferry Sheds. – The photo on the right was taken at the “wrap party” held at the Deldon’s newly renovated house. Left to right are Tim Carleton, VP of Reeds Ferry -Norm Abram, Co-host of This Old House -Rich James, Reeds Ferry Project Foreman -and Mike LaCorcia, Reeds Ferry Site-Manager. If you work with wood, there’s no greater thrill than meeting Norm Abram. Norm is a Master Carpenter and has been part of the show for 38 years. Saying he wrote the book on carpentry isn’t quite accurate, because he’s written 8 of them. When he told us, “Nice job on the shed”, it’s the same as having Jack Nicolas tell you “Nice swing”.


Click here to see all 14 episodes of This Old House and the Art & Crafts restoration in Arlington Massachusetts. Reeds Ferry Sheds would like to thank Kevin O’Connor, Tom Silva, Charlie Silva, Norm Abrams, and the entire staff of This Old House. And thank you to the Deldon Family for allowing us to be a permanent part of their home.


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Reeds Ferry 2016 Shed-of-the-Year

Congratulations to Gail and Don York of Bedford NH. The York’s are winners of the 2016 Reeds Ferry Shed of the Year Contest. It was an extremely close race again this year. With over 2,800 votes cast by Reeds Facebook fans the York’s won by 50 votes over first runner-up, the Milsky’s from Wakefield MA. The top two finishers were separated by only 2% of the vote.

Without question both photos were worthy of the top prize, but as 2016 taught us, even if the margin of victory is small, the outcome of an election can only have 1 winner. Yet we’re happy to report all of the contestants were great sports. The election took place with very little acrimony; even the protest that closed down Route 93 lasted less than 30 minutes. 😉

The York’s photo (below) featured their custom pool house set near their inviting backyard pool, complete with rock-slide. As with most Shed-of-the-Year winners, the total setting was equally appealing as the building itself. In their photo the sun, blue water, and flowers gave the feeling of a Caribbean oasis…worthy of 1,200+ fan votes.


York Family of Bedford NH -The 2016 Shed-of-the Year

The Milsky’s of Wakefield also have more than a shed. They used the shed to create a backyard social and recreation center. The shed is wired for cable and they’re able to watch the game by the fire-pit. On the inside (below right) is their neighborhood ping-pong tourney stadium, and the kids use the carpeted loft as their secret hide-away… An impressive backyard, confirmed by 1,146 votes.


1st Runner-up, the Milsky Family of Wakefield MA

The Anslem family finished 3rd with their custom Gambrel shed converted to a very cool pool bar, (left).  The Gagnon’s are the 3rd runner-up with their “classic backyard shed scene” (center). And the McCaffrey’s are the 5th finalist of the 23 total entries with their garage on a custom-built foundation, (right). Congratulations to all the 2016 finalist!


$500 is awarded to the York family. All the other finalist receive consolation prizes, including Bruins and Celtics tickets, dinner at Cafe Escadrille, etc… If for any reason the York’s are unable to fulfill the duties of their crown the Milsky family, as First Runner-up, will take on the “duties” expected of shed royalty, (although we can’t think of what those duties are). Thank you to everyone who voted and THANK YOU to the participants of the 2016 Reeds Ferry Shed of the Year Contest!

NOTE: To enter the 2017 contest, upload your Reeds Ferry Shed photo to our Facebook page with the words “enter me in the contest”.  There’s “greatness in you”, and there could also be greatness in your shed.

The Shed Ferry

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Reeds Ferry Collects 14,000 Items for Local Food Bank

Wed. Dec 7th, 2016 – Reeds Ferry Sheds delivered just over 14,000 nonperishable food items to the St Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, part of the St. John’s Parish in Hudson NH. The St Vincent Pantry provides bags of groceries for families in need, and special packages are given to 95 area school children for their weekend meals. Pauline Boivert, of the food pantry, reports that the food donation will go a long way towards keeping the Panty stocked through the 1st quarter of 2017.

The food-drive was organized by the staff at Reeds Ferry Sheds. Veteran Reeds Installer Josh McMahon was the first to suggest the idea and the remainder of the staff joined in and formed collection teams. Soon after the simple can-drive turned into friendly competition. The team of Kara and Paul were crowned champions and recipients of the coveted “Golden Peach Can Trophy”.

Reeds Ferry Sheds® agreed to match all staff donations. The end results was a truck and trailer full of 14,000 cans, pasta, soup, noodles, cookies, and of course Mac and Cheese. (watch the delivery day video below).

Reeds Ferry Sheds® would like to thank Pauline Boivert and the staff of St Vincent Pantry, Len Lathrop and Bruce Preston of the Hudson-Litchfield News…And a big thank you to all our employees for their generosity and community spirit. Merry Christmas to all.

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3D Shed Builder -Reeds Ferry Sheds

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to sit on your couch and order a shed using the Reeds Ferry 3D Shed Design Tool.

PERMUTATIONS: Our 3D Design Tool offers over 70-million shed combinations. That seems impossible, but in math it’s called “the multiple of permutations”. A permutation is a rearrangement of things where each “thing” is used once in combination with every other thing. When you consider the number of styles, sizes, colors, sidings, and all the different options, it equals millions of possible variations. Luckily there’s a formula used to compute the total, otherwise we’d be counting to the year 2042. 😉

SECURITY: Have you ever visited a website where you can order their product online, but you don’t order because you’re afraid your credit-card info might end up with a guy name Sergei working in his basement in Belarus? We have too, so we invest in Amazon credit-card services and ensured our transactions take place on a https server verified by a VeriSign security certificate, a service of Symantec. When you order a Reeds Ferry Shed online we treat your information like a government secret. (Whoops! Change that to “better” than a government secret! wink)

SIMPLICITY: We have a confession. You can’t use the 3D Tool to order a shed with every possible custom option. This was intentional. We wanted a tool that made it extremely easy to purchase a shed without confusion and with our most typical configurations, because “typical” is typically what people want. Still, you can customize your selection further when we call and confirm your order by phone, and of course when you visit our showroom we will build the shed version of the Taj Mahal if that’s what you’d like. You might say our showroom is the “total menu” and the online tool is the menu for our drive-thru window.

CONFIRMATION: All orders receive an immediate confirmation email and confirmation number, but when a customer puts $2K or more on a credit-card they require a “personal confirmation”; therefore every online order receives a call within 24 business hours to ensure we have the details correct and to make arrangements for delivery.

Thanks for joining us for “tool talk”, and thank you for considering Reeds Ferry for your shed purchase.

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Reeds Ferry Sheds -1970’s Vintage

Harry Carleton opened Reeds Ferry Sheds for business 56 years ago.  Now 75, Mr. Carleton still man’s the top chair as President of the company. Not only has Harry stood the test of time, so has his earlier work, like this shed he and his crew built back when he was a 35 year-old “rookie” in 1976.

1976 shed 2

When customers fill out their warranty we invite them to throw in a few comments about our service. The kind comments circled above came from a “repeat customer” in Hudson NH. They recently upgraded their 40 year-old Reeds Ferry shed that they purchased during the Ford administration. Actually there are many 40 year old Reeds Ferry sheds still in service, and occasionally we bump into ones from our “woodstock” era in the 1960’s. (Note: The reason everyone refers to the 60’s as the “woodstock era” is because back then all our sheds were made of wood. Amazing how it has caught on 😉 )

If you think we wrote this little blog solely for the purposes of marketing, you’re right. The point is, a well-cared for high quality Reeds Ferry shed will provide decades of service. We back every shed with a rock-solid warranty and Mr Carleton’s 56 years of experience; and he ain’t no rookie.


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Labor Day Pig Roast – Reeds Ferry Sheds®

Since the first Labor Day holiday in 1894 America has celebrated the contributions workers have made to the strength and prosperity of our country. This Labor Day Reeds Ferry Sheds did the same. Friday
we put our business on pause and had a big
pig roast to pay tribute to our staff. The best way to say “Thank you” is with bacon.
(Right: Pig Party Participants Pic)

It wouldn’t be a pig roast without the guest of honor, the pig. (left) Enough ham to feed 70 shed carpenters, along with corn, watermelon, potato salad and steamers. The chef at the pig pit was Reeds Delivery Manager John Miley, (right). Thanks for a great spread John!

Reeds Ferry Sheds Pig Roast

HarryThe gentleman circled left is Harry Carleton, President and owner of Reeds Ferry. Harry and his father opened for business in 1960. Mr Carleton said the secret to surviving 55 years in business is hiring quality people, “I’ve always been fortunate to work with a great team committed to doing the job right. Any success I’ve had is owed to those here today and others along the way.”

Pig Pile was a new event at this year’s roast. Four teams of 15 competed to see who could fit the most people in our Smart Car, (below left). Members of the winning team were awarded with not having to be seen driving the car for a year!  The winning team stuffed 11 people in the car. The record is 16 set by a group of circus clowns from Des Moines Iowa.

smart car
Dunk Tank: The Vice-President of a company is like the Vice-Principal of a high school, generally they’re not well liked. Fortunately we were able to talk our Vice-President into a dunk tank!  (below left.) He was submerged in cold water on throw #142.  142 seems like a lot, but officials ruled the first 137 were aimed at his head and should not count.

dunk 2
$500 Double-Elimination Cornhole Tournament:
Cornhole is a bean-bag game. It’s like horseshoes, but unlike horseshoes you can play while intoxicated without fear of concussion. Cash money was at stake, so no team was foolish enough to imbibe. 3rd place took home $100, 2nd place $250 and $500 to the winning duo. But because this is 2015 everyone received a trophy and were told they were winners just for participating.

cornholeLabor Day is our chance to stop and appreciate the great work of our staff.  We build quality sheds, but our brand is represented by the men and women wearing Reeds Red.
We thank them sincerely for all they do. Happy Labor Day…

Checkout the pig roast video


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Reeds Ferry Invades England

Reeds Ferry Sheds is now officially represented across the pond. A British customer recently put one of our sheds in a crate and had it shipped to his home at Frinton-on-Sea in Essex County England.  (Fittingly he chose our “American Classic” style.)

Below is a photo of his new Reeds Ferry Shed in his backyard. You can tell it was really taken in England because the sky is dark gray 😉  But also the surrounding architecture gives you a clue it’s Old England rather than New England.  (You just don’t see a lot of multiple angled hip-roofs with mini castle turrets in Peabody Mass.)

Reeds Ferry in England

Reeds Ferry Shed -Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, England

Folks in England absolutely love sheds. Even people who have no room for one-have one. So why would an Englishman need to order a shed from the Colonies? Our customer explained that he liked the look and construction of ours better than the ones available in the motherland. He may have a point.

To be quite frank the sheds found in England tend to be somewhat “shabby chic”. (See below).  Many look like they were built using spare kindling wood. You can almost imagine if a piece of wood falls off a dump truck in England their first thought would be “let’s nail it to the shed”.  This is not an insult!  After all, Reeds Ferry sheds have far less charm because we actually build ours using all the necessary pieces 😉  In fact we may join the Brits and come out with our own “English” style. You’ll be allowed to paint it clashing colours and nail random things to it!  Perhaps here in the States it’s a style that won’t fly, but like our favorite Englishman Winston Churchill once said, “A kite rises highest against the wind -not with it.”   –The Shed Ferry


Small Potting Shed -Grantham England

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